A-Z benefits of Breastfeeding!

A-Z benefits of Breastfeeding.

I support breastfeeding on all levels. I believe it encourages bonding, it is great for the health of the baby as well as the mother, and an overall satisfying experience for both parties. Also, ever since i was a little girl i wanted to justify why i had to carry around these boobs all my life..so i decided breastfeeding was a must..LOL!!. Here is an A-Z benefit guide to breastfeeding:


Antibodies! Colostrum provides the best antibodies for the new baby.

Breast cancer risk declines with breastfeeding mothers.

Child Spacing.Delays ovulation,thus providing a natural birth control.

Developmentally benefit to baby as your milk is made especially for your baby.

Eyes. Acuity is higher in children fed breast milk.

Facial and dental development is increased with breastfed babies.

G.I. tract in babies responds better to breastmilk-less gas.

Healthier babies in general saving $$$ over the months/years.

Immune system boosts for baby! Less colds.

Jaundice is helped cleared with breastfeeding.

Kidneys respond better to breast milk due to less protein and less salt.

Lose your gained pregnancy weight faster as calories are burned while breastfeeding.

Money Money Money MOOONEEY.. As it is free..so you will save $$.

Nutrients in breastmilk cannot be duplicated in formula.

Obesity is less likely with those who are breastfed.

Poopie Diapers don’t smell in comparison to cow’s milk based formulas.

Quality Time! It’s the opportunity to bond and spend special time

Releases a natural relaxant called prolactin while breastfeeding.

SIDs risk reduces due to frequent wakings to eat.

Tooth Decay is reduced in infants who have breastfed.

Urinary tract infections for mother is reduced for breastfeeding mommies.

Vaccination respond better to children who are breastfed.

Warmth of the breast milk is always at perfect temperature, no midnight bottle trips.

Xtra special moment that no one can share with your child.

Your breast milk changes to accommodate your child specific needs.

Zoom through your recovery after childbirth as breastfeeding forces you to sit and relax.

:) SEE!! All these Benefits!
Hope this helps encourage Breastfeeding.

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